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Residential, Commercial & Retail properties in New York City with a strong preference in Manhattan. Our portfolio of properties include; Office/loft buildings, Retail Condominiums and Co-ops, mixed use buildings, multifamily Free-Market/Regulated buildings.


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Zar Property NY is a family-based investment firm located in Midtown Manhattan. As Principals with a track record of successful acquisitions and management for over 20 years, we are actively looking to expand our portfolio of Residential, Commercial & Retail properties in New York City, with a strong preference for Manhattan. We operate entirely in-house with a hands-on approach: all property management, construction, leasing, and renovations are handled internally.

Zar Property NY is consistently searching for creative ways to create value by acquiring promising assets with long-term upside in the retail, commercial, and residential marketplaces. We are open to all deals that make financial sense as long-term holds, and welcome any opportunities that come into our inbox. We have a clear vision of the sort of properties we're interested in pursuing, and will be able to quickly analyze if a specific deal is a fit for our portfolio, and act very quickly if it is

Zar Property NY is a proud member of many local, regional and national associations including: Rent Stabilization Association (RSA), Buildings NY, & International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC).


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Dario Zar - President
David Zar - Leasing & Acquisitions
Simon Zar - Operations & Management

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